ECSA 57: Changing estuaries, coasts and shelf systems - Diverse threats and opportunities
3-6 September 2018
Perth, WA, Australia

The structure and functioning of our estuaries and seas are shifting due to diverse drivers from local to global scales. The resulting threats to these systems are often all too apparent, yet such changes can also present new opportunities. The challenge is to harness these opportunities through new ways of thinking, scientific developments, innovative technology and more effective integration of science and management.

Proposed Conference Topics:

The abstract submission system will open on the 30th of October 2017.  We invite contributions within the following broad topics, covering the diversity of threats and opportunities facing estuarine, coastal and marine ecosystems and the people they support.


    Land - ocean linkages
    Coastal morphodynamics and sediment transport
    Oceanography and physical-biological coupling
    Biogeochemistry, element cycling and greenhouse gas dynamics


    Genetic diversity and adaptation
    Population dynamics
    Connectivity (e.g. energy, genes, habitats and disease)
    Ecosystem structure and functioning

People and management

    Sustainable natural resource exploitation
    Marine Protected Areas
    Societal values
    Citizen science
    Ecosystem service delivery


    Socio-ecological dynamics, resilience and regime shifts
    Integrated management – cumulative risk assessment and tradeoffs
    Case studies of eco-engineering and ecosystem restoration
    Effective governance – regional to international scales
    Integrated observing systems and modelling

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