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2nd international Ocean Research Conference

2nd international Ocean Research Conference


2nd international Ocean Research Conference
One Planet, One Ocean
Barcelona (Spain), 17-21 Nov. 2014

The Conference will focus on how ocean sciences have progressed in the last 20 years and will discuss the coming decade of international collaboration in marine sciences and technology. The conference will be comprised of keynote lectures, oral presentations and poster sessions. The oral presentations will be structured in three sessions:

    Theme 1: Building scientific knowledge: Marine research and observations for climate, ecosystem functioning and security. The risks posed to ocean ecosystems by global environmental change should be assessed at multiple scales and the options for adaptation, mitigation, management and responses of ecological and social systems should be explored. This increased understanding can form the basis for scientific guidance on options for adaptation of human social and economic systems to a changing ocean, and for setting regional and global objectives for conservation and the sustainable use of a dynamic ocean.

    Theme 2: Applying knowledge for societal benefit: Achieving ecosystem management and sustainability. Identifying robust indicators of ocean status and locating their tipping points relative to marine ecosystem functioning are important in predicting or early detection of changes in ecosystem states, and in evaluating ecosystem resilience etc. Such knowledge and analytical tools can be very valuable in ocean management in general, and in placing management of single sectors, such as fishing, into an ecosystem-based approach. Developing and testing robust approaches for locating positive feedback loops and tipping points poses hard scientific questions but is essential to address existing gaps in the ocean science-policy interface.

    Theme 3: Improving governance and building capacities. As the demand for goods and services increases, competition will increase between different ocean users, thus managing human activities in a changing environment will be essential. Local studies and experiences on how society has, and could adapt to these ocean changes need to be assembled and synthesized to build greater understanding of human impacts on our changing oceans and the impacts of our changing oceans on human society.

Target audience:
The Conference will provide an overview on the latest trends and achievements in ocean sciences and technologies applied to oceanography and will explore future needs, developments as well as management and governance. The target audience is intended primarily for oceanographers, researchers, engineers, academics, conservation organizations and decision makers that have coastal and marine related responsibilities. The conference will welcome young career scientists.

Registration Information:
On-line registration and housing information will be available in late October 2013. Inquiries concerning meeting details should be directed to Luis Valdes ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).




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