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Symposium on environment problems of Arab countries

The effect of climate change on agriculture will also be discussed

Symposium on environment problems of Arab countries

Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), in collaboration with the Association of Arab Universities, will next year organise a symposium to address the need for conservation and sustainable use of natural resources to minimise threats of water scarcity, desertification, pollution and climate change in the Arab world.

The symposium, 'Environmental Problems in the Arab World: Meeting the Environmental Challenge of Sustainable Development', will be organised by SQU's Centre for Environment Studies and Research and the department of geography, College of Arts and Social Sciences from February 26 to 28, 2012.

Dr Salim al Hatrushi, chairman of the organising committee told Muscat Daily that 50 abstracts have already been received from researchers who want to participate and present papers at the meet.

Dr Hatrushi said, “The areas of concerns are vast; this includes water shortage, high usage of desalinated water, sustainable use of fresh water, effect of climate change on environment, agriculture and livelihood of people and conservation and sustainable use of marine ecosystem.”

The symposium will discuss how the environment is changing in the Arab world, what are the causes of ecological deterioration, and how is it linked to human activities, he said.

Participants will focus on measures undertaken to combat the issues, society’s response to public and private initiatives in this regard and if the measures taken are sufficient.

Dr Hatrushi said that the conference will provide an active platform for scientists and other stakeholders to come together and discuss plans for environmental management and conservation.



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